Alfven-like waves along normal-superconductor phase boundaries

arXiv:1906.03083 (2019), Physica C 564, 42 (2019)

Alfven waves are transverse magneto-hydrodynamic waves resulting from motion of a conducting fluid in direction perpendicular to an applied magnetic field, that propagate along the magnetic field direction. I propose that Alfven-like waves can propagate along normal-superconductor phase boundaries in the presence of a magnetic field. This requires charge flow and backflow across the normal-superconductor phase boundary when the boundary moves, which is predicted by the theory of hole superconductivity but not by the conventional theory of superconductivity. The magnetic field and the domain wall energy provide elasticity, and the normal charge carriers’ effective mass provides inertia. It is essential that the normal state charge carriers are holes. I propose an experimental search for Alfven-like waves in superconductors.