Clear evidence against superconductivity in hydrides under high pressure

J. E. Hirsch and F. Marsiglio arXiv:2110.07568 (2021), Matter and Radiation at Extremes 7, 058401 (2022).

The Meissner effect, magnetic field expulsion, is a hallmark of superconductivity. Associated with it, superconductors exclude applied magnetic fields. Recently Minkov et al. presented experimental results reportedly showing definitive evidence of the Meissner effect'' in sulfur hydride and lanthanum hydride under high pressure [1], and more recently Eremets et al. argued that "the arguments against superconductivity (in hydrides) can be either refuted or explained" [2]. Instead, we show here that the evidence presented in that paper does not support the case for superconductivity in these materials. Together with experimental evidence discussed in earlier papers, we argue that this clearly indicates that hydrides under pressure are not high temperature superconductors.