See also Absence of high temperature superconductivity in hydrides under pressure, Nonstandard superconductivity or no superconductivity in hydrides under high pressure, Meissner effect in nonstandard superconductors, Absence of magnetic evidence for superconductivity in hydrides under high pressure

Flux trapping in superconducting hydrides under high pressure

J.E. Hirsch and F. Marsiglio, arXiv:2104.03925 (2021), Physica C Volume 589, 1353916 (2021).

High temperature conventional superconductivity in hydrogen-rich materials under high pressure has been reportedly found in twelve different compounds in recent years. However, the experimental evidence on which these claims are based has recently been called into question. Here we discuss the measurement of trapped magnetic flux, that should establish definitively that these materials are indeed high temperature superconductors. Its absence would confirm claims to the contrary.